About David Leake

David Leake has nearly fifteen years of experience in the fly fishing travel and retail industry. In addition to being the owner of the company, David manages the travel department at Tailwaters. David has traveled throughout the world developing our travel offerings. These destinations include, but are not limited to, Alaska, Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Seychelles, Venezuela, and of course all through the United States. David is the copywriter for all of Tailwaters brochures and pre-trip information and editorial content for the company. David is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and has three children, Lynsie, Patrick, and Sam, with his wife, Melissa.

Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival


  We’re proud to announce that we’re a GOLD sponsor and the official “fly fishing education” sponsor of the 1st Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival at the Plano Centre, March 11-12. Our entire staff will rotate through our booth over the weekend, so plan to stop [...]

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Schuyler Marshall joins Tailwaters Travel


Tailwaters is pleased to welcome Schuyler Marshall to our Travel Department!   Schuyler joined the Tailwaters Travel department in 2017, working remotely from Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife Julie and daughter McKenzie. He brings a lifetime of fly fishing expe [...]

Schuyler Marshall joins Tailwaters Travel2018-02-20T16:05:15-05:00

New Tailwaters Travel Ambassadors


New Tailwaters Travel Ambassadors Paula Shearer and Patrick Duke Join Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company as Travel Ambassadors DALLAS (Jan. 30, 2017) — Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company is happy to announce the additions of Paula Shearer and Patrick Duke to its Ambassador Program. Sh [...]

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10 Reasons to Fly Fish the Seychelles


Seychelles are an extraordinary destination that provide anglers some of the most phenomenal fly fishing opportunities in the world. David Leake of Tailwaters Travel has had the pleasure of fly fishing Seychelles and frequently offers his expertise to traveling anglers. For Dav [...]

10 Reasons to Fly Fish the Seychelles2018-02-20T16:05:17-05:00

Bahamas Trip Report | Deep Water Cay


  Grand Bahama Island - Bahamas Located on the east end of Grand Bahamas, Deep Water Cay is our newest Bahamian destination in the travel catalog. This summer’s R&D trip to Deep Water Cay was a real eye-opener. With stunning accommodations, boats, food, equipment, and [...]

Bahamas Trip Report | Deep Water Cay2018-02-20T16:05:18-05:00

Travel Event | Patagonia River Guides Q&A | October 30th


  Patagonia River Guides Q&A Event, October 30th PRG January 2014 Hosted Trips Our friend, Rance Rathie, from Patagonia River Guides are again returning to Dallas in October to wrap up their off-season sales efforts before kicking off the 2013-2014 season.  We enjoyed [...]

Travel Event | Patagonia River Guides Q&A | October 30th2018-02-20T16:05:19-05:00

Kamchatka Russia Update: BOOK NOW for 2014!


  We are entering our TENTH season organizing trips to Kamchatka! With our third straight summer with round trip air service from Anchorage, the popularity and demand for exploring the world’s greatest trout fishing frontier has returned. Now is the time to book! Next seas [...]

Kamchatka Russia Update: BOOK NOW for 2014!2018-02-20T16:05:19-05:00

Palometa Club Off-Season Newsletter


  Punta Allen, Mexico – Ascension Bay The Palometa Club’s next campaign kicks off on November 1st. Check out the off-season newsletter to see why Palometa is considered the #1 Permit of Fly fishing lodge in the world. Inside is a recap of the 2012-2013 season as well as a [...]

Palometa Club Off-Season Newsletter2018-02-20T16:05:19-05:00

Angling Report Louisiana Redfish Fly Fishing Article Featuring Tailwaters Travel


Check out the recent cover story from the September 2013 issue of The Angling Report. Editor, Don Causey, writes an interesting and accurate update on the fishery and some of the redfish guide politics there. He also features our booking efforts there and highlights our fly fis [...]

Angling Report Louisiana Redfish Fly Fishing Article Featuring Tailwaters Travel2018-02-20T16:05:19-05:00

Palometa Club is the #1 Permit Fishing Fishing Lodge in the World — Subscribe to the newsletter


  Among the epic, world class fishing destinations in the world, is Palometa Club. Palometa is hands down the #1 Permit Fishing & Bone Fishing Lodge in the world. Located right in the heart of Punta Allen, a Lobster Fishing village about 3 hours South of Cancun, Palome [...]

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Palometa Club Permit Tourney Report


Check out this link to our report, video, and images from the first annual Permit Tourney and Howler Bros Pilgrimage at the Palometa Club last month.  Palometa Club is one of the premier permit fishing destinations in the Americas.  It was an awesome week with great friends, an [...]

Palometa Club Permit Tourney Report2018-02-20T16:05:19-05:00

Build your own Custom Abel Reel with Tailwaters


You can now order a custom Abel Reel on their website, in partnership with Tailwaters Fly Fishing, by using this link.  You can choose whether you want the reel shipped directly to your home (with any other products you might be looking for), or come pick it up at our store in [...]

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Monster Permit Landed at The Palometa Club


Last week the Palometa Club hosted it's first annual Permit Tournament, which turned out to be a huge success. A full fishing report will soon be release, but in the meantime, please head over to the Palometa Club blog and read about Ken Ferderer's 45+ pound permit caught on 12 [...]

Monster Permit Landed at The Palometa Club2018-02-20T16:05:19-05:00

Palometa Club Fishing Report – January 4-11


BY:  Mike Gifford - Country Pleasures Fly Fishing - Calgary, Alberta Darren Soice and I arrived at the club on January 4 with Dick, who just got back from Alaska, to herald in the start of the 2013 season.  After a relaxed evening of setting up our gear and Dick looking for thi [...]

Palometa Club Fishing Report – January 4-112018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

1st Annual Palometa Club Permit Tournament


OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE On behalf of our team at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company in Dallas, the owners, guides, and staff at the Palometa Club in Punta Allen, Mexico, we are happy to formally announce the 1st Annual Palometa Club Permit Tournament, May 17-24, 2013 presented by Ho [...]

1st Annual Palometa Club Permit Tournament2018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

Oh Those Crazy Giant Trevally!


If you have ever wondered what it's like to fish for or catch a giant trevally, here is a great video that pretty much sums it all up. These fish are fast, aggressive, powerful, and always on the hunt. If you are lucky enough to have one charge your fly, it's likely just as exh [...]

Oh Those Crazy Giant Trevally!2018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

Palometa Club Season Opener Report!


Season Opener – Week 1 Report! - Batting 1000 so far.  Kaye arrived Cancun on October 30th and hurriedly began the process of getting the building polished and functional for our first guests of the season. While Dick is still in Alaska on the job site this was her first go alo [...]

Palometa Club Season Opener Report!2018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

Tsimane Trip Report – Golden Dorado in Bolivia


To view this report in Matt's Newsletter - Click Here Twenty six hours after lift off from Miami, 5 anglers and I sat aboard two Cessna as we cruised over the jungle below, I couldn’t help but notice how similar the jungle canopy was to the vast wilderness of Alaska.  There wer [...]

Tsimane Trip Report – Golden Dorado in Bolivia2018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

Hurricane Ernesto. All Bark and No Bite.


Hurricane Ernesto has come and past with little cosmetic damage around Punta Allen.  In the words of Charley's wife, Amy, he was "All Bark and No Bite".  Fine By Me.  The eye of the storm made landfall about 75 miles south of the Club near the front porch of Paradise Lodge - wh [...]

Hurricane Ernesto. All Bark and No Bite.2018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

Lefty Kreh’s Trip Report for Angling Report (Must Read)


One of the biggest highlights of the 2012 season at the Palometa Club was the honor of hosting Mr. Bernard Victor Kreh and a handful of his friends earlier this month.  You can see our other related trip reports from the "Lefty Week" in our blog archive.  Lefty took the time to [...]

Lefty Kreh’s Trip Report for Angling Report (Must Read)2018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

Another Birthday Yucatan Permit Fishing Report (Steve Henriksen Trip)


Multi-repeat Tailwaters client and friend, Steve Henriksen, and crew (Mark Godvin, Cary Williams, Curtis Baker) enjoyed a short week post-Easter at the Club and had this to say about his trip and his 11th hour birthday permit. I learned later he did not remember it was his birt [...]

Another Birthday Yucatan Permit Fishing Report (Steve Henriksen Trip)2018-02-20T16:05:20-05:00

Jason Lindsey Mops the Floor – 6 Permit Week


Repeat guest, Jason Lindsey, needed some talking into at the 11th hour to make the commitment and travel from Santa Clara, Utah to grace our presence at the Club this Easter week. Boy, is he glad he made the trip. A classic example of when Permititus, even at the expense of a p [...]

Jason Lindsey Mops the Floor – 6 Permit Week2018-02-20T16:05:21-05:00

“Lefty & Me”. Reflections on a Week Hosting Lefty Kreh


By: Dick Cameron (owner/operator) At 53 years of age I have now kicked around this industry, on and off, since the mid 90’s. My winding road has crossed paths with many of our sports notables over the years either on the water, at the shows or in and out of fly shops. Most of t [...]

“Lefty & Me”. Reflections on a Week Hosting Lefty Kreh2018-02-20T16:05:21-05:00

Better to be Lucky


Story written by TPC guest, John Chinuntdet and photographs provided by Tonya Crowe-Chinuntdet Alonzo, our head guide, whispered, “John, make a cast at 9 o’clock. There is a big school of permit 45 feet away moving off the flat.” I saw black dorsal and tail fins waving over the [...]

Better to be Lucky2018-02-20T16:05:21-05:00

99th & 100th Permit for Season in the Bag


Jason Lindsey, fellow permit sick-o, and Utah resident landed our 99th and 100th permit of the 2012 campaign over the weekend.  Well done, Jason!  We are on track for 200. 99th Permit of 2012 with Mr. Jason Lindsey. 100th Permit of 2012 Season with Jason Lindsey. Jason's Autogr [...]

99th & 100th Permit for Season in the Bag2018-02-20T16:05:21-05:00

Northern Lights & Stephen P. (AND SLAB)


S.P. and the Little Osprey Nino. 3rd Week is the charm. By:  Dick Cameron Anchorage Alaska is a beautiful place for sure but, February can test the metal of even the longtime resident of “The Great Land”. This time of year you are getting skied out, the days are not getting lon [...]

Northern Lights & Stephen P. (AND SLAB)2018-02-20T16:05:23-05:00

Oldies but Goodies from Dr. Seelig.


Multi repeat guest of the Club, and permit count record holder, Dr. Joe Seelig, from Anchorage is at the Club this week.  While sharing a little pre-trip enthusiasm, Joe passed along these hero shots from last season.  Joe holds the records for the most permit in a season (20 i [...]

Oldies but Goodies from Dr. Seelig.2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

The Flagpole. New Tradition.


The newest tradition at the Palometa Club: Each time a guest lands a permit (or more) you get to raise and fly a small blue and white flag on our new flagpole.  While this is a new idea for catch and release permit fishing, colored flags have been a part of the blue water sport [...]

The Flagpole. New Tradition.2018-02-20T16:05:23-05:00

FIRE IN PUNTA ALLEN! Donations and Support Welcome.


Last week there was a horrible fire in Punta Allen.  A handful of buildings including the local bakery and the home Julio’s ex-wife, were completely lost in the fire.  TPC guides, Julio and Tony, both have daughters who lost nearly everything in the fire (including all th [...]

FIRE IN PUNTA ALLEN! Donations and Support Welcome.2018-02-20T16:05:23-05:00

Digger’s Dolphins & Valerie’s Visit


At least once a season, Kaye’s daughter, Valerie comes down from Bellevue, WA. and spends a few weeks in Punta Allen with her mom.  Val inherited her Mother’s good looks and zest for life.  They are like two peas in a pod (3 peas including Digger) and are always off [...]

Digger’s Dolphins & Valerie’s Visit2018-02-20T16:05:21-05:00

The Club to Open for Fall Season in 2012!


Due to popular demand, we have decided to open the Club for seven weeks of autumn fishing starting on November 2, 2012. The plan is to stay open until December 21, 2012, close back down for the holidays, and then reopen again (as usual) for the duration of the 2013 campaign, Ja [...]

The Club to Open for Fall Season in 2012!2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

The Oil Patch Crew


Our new best friend in the great white north Mike Gifford of Country Pleasures Fly shop in Calgary Alberta, sent down his first of 3 groups of the season and what a spirited crew they turned out to be. Fishing was a bit on the difficult side but that didn’t detour this crew fro [...]

The Oil Patch Crew2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

Joe’s Birthday Gift


With thirty minutes left on the last day of his latest trip to the Club, Joe Seelig managed this beautiful permit… on his birthday nonetheless.  Read below for a nice recap of the memorable moment with his good friends, Charlie and Nino (the guides). Permit Junkie #1 with [...]

Joe’s Birthday Gift2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

The Mojo Has Returned


Dr. Joe Seelig, on his second week of the season at the Club, has been in a real funk.  Breaking off fish, tough conditions, poor casting, bad knots, ect.  We have all been concerned that our boy had lost his magic.  Not to worry.  The Mojo returned yesterday with a vengeance.  [...]

The Mojo Has Returned2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

March 23-30 Report from Country Pleasures Group


Victory (5 Times) Photo by: Kevin Sproule From Mike Gifford of Country Pleasures Fly Shop in Calgary, Alberta Dick and Kaye got to experience the second full house of Canadian in three weeks at the end of March. This group tended to be a little more focused on fishing as oppose [...]

March 23-30 Report from Country Pleasures Group2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

Tailwaters Travel awarded U.S. Booking Office for The Palometa Club


From:  David Leake – Tailwaters Travel Dear Fly Angler, I am proud to announce Tailwaters Travel has recently been named the Lead Sales and Marketing Office for The Palometa Club, located on the Yucatan Peninsula.  This is a tremendous honor for me personally and professionally [...]

Tailwaters Travel awarded U.S. Booking Office for The Palometa Club2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

Life is Good in Permit Land – Brochure Cover Photo


Here at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company, we are inundated with hero shot grip and grin photos on a daily basis.  Emails containing images of happy anglers and unhappy fish come across the wire by the zillions.  This image is definitely in the top 10. The happy angler is this par [...]

Life is Good in Permit Land – Brochure Cover Photo2018-02-20T16:05:24-05:00

Spring 2011 – New Gear Has Arrived!


While Spring brings us out of our winter hibernation, the sales floor is filling up with new gear - lots of it. It's an exciting season for us as we are bringing in new footwear, apparel and wading equipment from Simms and Patagonia. It's all worth checking out. For product inf [...]

Spring 2011 – New Gear Has Arrived!2016-06-28T13:14:54-05:00

Palometa Club Lands 500th Permit! (And Counting)


April 9, 2011:  Punta Allen, Mexico - Ascension Bay The Atlantic Permit is my personal favorite fish to target.  His beautiful shape, large eyes, rubbery lips, and black sickle tail are totally unique - but it is his excessive lack of cooperation that keeps me and so many other [...]

Palometa Club Lands 500th Permit! (And Counting)2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00