About David Leake

David Leake has nearly fifteen years of experience in the fly fishing travel and retail industry. In addition to being the owner of the company, David manages the travel department at Tailwaters. David has traveled throughout the world developing our travel offerings. These destinations include, but are not limited to, Alaska, Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Seychelles, Venezuela, and of course all through the United States. David is the copywriter for all of Tailwaters brochures and pre-trip information and editorial content for the company. David is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and has three children, Lynsie, Patrick, and Sam, with his wife, Melissa.



“Ace” Leake – December 1, 1996 – November 28, 2010   Like many pet owners who have lost a great friend – I honestly think I had the best dog there ever was.  I suppose there is really no way to judge who has the “best” dog, but anyone who knew my relationship with my Choco [...]

GOODBYE SHOP DOG2016-06-28T13:14:00-05:00

A Fishery Reinvented – Ascension Bay & The Palometa Club


Despite having been in the fly fishing travel business for nearly eleven years, I am still a relative new comer when compared to the industry folks who enjoyed the fly fishing boom of the 1990s.  We are battling in a much more competitive marketplace today, but more noteworthy [...]

A Fishery Reinvented – Ascension Bay & The Palometa Club2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

Thanks to Sage, Hatch, Kaenon and Patagonia Clothing Company!


The Palometa Club recently made history with the landing of their 500th Permit. Tailwaters and The Club are extremely grateful to Sage Fly Rods, Hatch Outdoors, Kaenon Sunglasses, and Patagonia Clothing Company for their generous contributions to mark this milestone.film A Dog' [...]

Thanks to Sage, Hatch, Kaenon and Patagonia Clothing Company!2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

Commentery on Safe Travel in Mexico


  Traveling anglers have a lot to consider these days when deciding where to book their next trip.  Unfortunately, more and more often, conversations about prospective destinations have nothing to do with the actual purpose of the desired holiday – the fishing.  Whether is [...]

Commentery on Safe Travel in Mexico2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

A Word About Saltwater Fishing in the Summertime & Isla Holbox Tarpon Fishing


Too many traveling anglers just blow off the saltwater during the summer.  Rightfully so, it is the time to head to the Rockies, Alaska, or Kamchatka.  However, some of the best saltwater action happens in the summertime.  Yes, there can be uncomfortably hot temperatures as wel [...]

A Word About Saltwater Fishing in the Summertime & Isla Holbox Tarpon Fishing2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

Goodbye to Bart Larmouth & Welcome Miss Sadie Thacker


New Staff at Tailwaters! All good things must come to an end as they say…  Such was the case when the first employee we ever hired at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company, Bart Larmouth, turned in his wings this February.  While we knew that the time would eventually arrive for Bart [...]

Goodbye to Bart Larmouth & Welcome Miss Sadie Thacker2016-06-28T13:07:05-05:00

East Texas Bass’in


Super friend and loyal supporter, Ron Gard, invited me to his stellar property east of town for some serious bass fishing action on Friday.  It is gorgeous Spring mornings on the bass pond that help remind me why living in Texas is not all that bad.  Is there anything more plea [...]

East Texas Bass’in2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

Louisiana Redfish Fall/Winter Recap & Summer Preview


We are approaching the anniversary of the USA’s largest oil spill in history.  Nearly a year ago, we all watched in disbelief and horror as the Deepwater Horizon rig sank to the bottom of the abyssal Gulf in a ball of flames – and carrying with it 11 of her crew.  For the three [...]

Louisiana Redfish Fall/Winter Recap & Summer Preview2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

Palometa Club 500 Permit Update – 493 (7 Remaining)


BOOK NOW OR MISS OUT ON A CHANCE AT MAKING HISTORY.              (AND A FREE TRIP) The Palometa Club on Ascension Bay is about to make headlines with landing their 500th permit in only their 6th season of operation (Note, TPC is only open January – June).  This landmark fish is [...]

Palometa Club 500 Permit Update – 493 (7 Remaining)2016-06-28T13:04:57-05:00

The Spawn is On!


I did a little fishing this weekend and boy did it feel good. On Saturday I went out to some private water with Tailwaters' customer, Jonathan Allred. The weather was perfect and we caught a ton of nice crappie and a few bass. There were definitely signs of these bass about to [...]

The Spawn is On!2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

Worried About Piracy in Seychelles? Don’t Be. Here is Why.


Worried About Piracy in Seychelles?  Don't Be... It is impossible to accurately describe a trip to Seychelles.  There is simply nothing that compares with the beauty, uniqueness, and sensational flats fishing.  We have collectively visited Alphonse Island five times, on both in [...]

Worried About Piracy in Seychelles? Don’t Be. Here is Why.2018-02-20T16:05:25-05:00

Rapids Camp Lodge – Alaska


For those of you that missed out on our Pebble Mine & Rapids Camp Lodge event a few weeks ago — here is the incredible video that we viewed at the shop. A very professionally produced video... Click below to view! Rapids Camp Lodge - Alaska [...]

Rapids Camp Lodge – Alaska2018-02-20T16:05:26-05:00

Spring Time Bassin


Spring is just around the corner for all of us here in the South and I can hardly wait. Just thinking about getting out to do some bass fishing gets me super pumped up. I was cruising through some photos today and ran across a trip that a buddy and I took last Spring. We had be [...]

Spring Time Bassin2011-01-10T17:29:07-05:00

YETI Coolers – So Hot, YET So Cool!


For those of you that haven't had the chance to check out a YETI, I'm sorry. For those of you that have swung by the shop lately to purchase a YETI, I'm sorry again! The truth is, these coolers were without a doubt the most popular gift item for Christmas gifts and we simply ha [...]

YETI Coolers – So Hot, YET So Cool!2018-02-20T16:05:26-05:00

“Top Ten Reasons” to chase Redfish in Louisiana


All-Star client and friend, Sam Gioldasis, came up with his "Top Ten Reasons" for returning to the marshes of Southern Louisiana to chase redfish.  Not a shabby testimonial.  Thanks Sam! From Sam Gioldasis – Dallas, TX David, I want to follow up on the trip you arranged to the [...]

“Top Ten Reasons” to chase Redfish in Louisiana2018-02-20T16:05:26-05:00

What our Clients Say About our Redfish Trips to Louisiana


By David Leake Below are some trip reports from some recent clients fishing the marsh this November.  Proof is in the pudding...  The marsh is in good shape and the reds are plentiful.  Call us now to book!     From Andy Stepanian –Houston, TX. It was one of the best [...]

What our Clients Say About our Redfish Trips to Louisiana2018-02-20T16:05:26-05:00

Louisiana Redfish Update – Post Deepwater Horizon


We are very proud of our redfish fishing program in southern Louisiana.  In the last eighteen months alone, we have sent over one hundred twenty of our clients to visit with Woodland Plantation and fish with our all-star cast of guides on the West Bank in Plaquemines Parish.  I [...]

Louisiana Redfish Update – Post Deepwater Horizon2018-02-20T16:05:26-05:00

GET SOME TAIL and Others Coming Soon!


Matt Jones has finally released the Twintail Clothing Co. catalog! This is the 2010 Fall season release. Take a gabber at what Twintail Clothing has to offer and please follow the simple instructions below! As stated on back page of catalog: CURRENTLY, HATS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE T [...]

GET SOME TAIL and Others Coming Soon!2018-02-20T16:05:26-05:00

Baja 2010


I just returned home from my third visit to southern Baja, particularly the La Ribera/Los Barriles area.  This year I joined Jeff de Brown of The Reel Baja and The Moldy Chum group (blog run by Eric Rathbun and Brian Bennett). The fishing was great and we all had shots at GRAND [...]

Baja 20102018-02-20T16:05:26-05:00

REDRUM REDRUM — Louisiana Redfish


This past week I was fortunate enough to host a group of 5 to the comfortable Woodland Plantation in southern Louisiana. As an employee of Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co, I assumed the position of a host for the group. I arrived in Louisiana with high expectations. Why the hell shou [...]

REDRUM REDRUM — Louisiana Redfish2018-02-20T16:05:27-05:00

Once in a Blue Moon


If you guys haven't heard of, or seen Once in a Blue Moon I would recommend getting on it, fast.  A few copies showed up on our doorstep here at Tailwaters last week and we couldn't resist.  We popped it in, and the video looped all day.  I honestly wasn't tired of it at the en [...]

Once in a Blue Moon2018-02-20T16:05:27-05:00

Go Pro- HERO


A friend of mine turned me on to a pretty incredible little toy yesterday.  Being the camera geek that I am, I have now become obsessed with it, and unfortunately will purchase it.  As a photographer (soon to be videographer as well) I am constantly conjuring ideas for fresh ma [...]

Go Pro- HERO2018-02-20T16:05:27-05:00

One More Reason to go Fishing and Not Play Golf…


A guy in South Carolina went to fetch his golf ball when he hit it into the drink...  Safe to say his golfing career is over.  One more reason to go fly fishing instead.  Check out the article: http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2007/sep/17/mans_arm_salvaged_alligators_belly/ [...]

One More Reason to go Fishing and Not Play Golf…2016-06-28T12:47:54-05:00

Good ol’ Ace


The elderly chocolate lab here at the shop recently had his 13th birthday.  He spends everyday here at Tailwaters Flyfishing Co. and represents it well.  Ace is usually found sleeping due to his old age, but will randomly appear when you are eating lunch.  Shocker, huh?  Ace ha [...]

Good ol’ Ace2016-06-28T12:47:28-05:00

“Wounded Warriors” Weekend with Project Healing Waters


Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.  ~Henry David Thoreau Wason Ranch Creede, Colorado Rio Grande River August 26 – September 2, 2009 For the last several months I have been working in conjunction with the non-profit organi [...]

“Wounded Warriors” Weekend with Project Healing Waters2018-02-20T16:05:27-05:00

Mullet frenzy.


I will make this short and sweet, I am slightly buzzed from the 6 Pacificos I drank earlier, and extremely full from the incredible Mecican food I ate. Jared and I arrived in Baja today at around 12pm, took the shuttle and hit the beach ASAP. We walked about a mile down and ran [...]

Mullet frenzy.2016-06-28T12:38:28-05:00

Thanks to All for a Great 2nd Anniversary Party!!


We celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of our retail opening this Saturday at the shop. It was a fun and fruitful event with the weather cooperating and a huge turnout. If you made it by - thank you for coming! If you did not swing it, you missed out on a very lucrative sales promot [...]

Thanks to All for a Great 2nd Anniversary Party!!2016-06-28T12:31:59-05:00

Austin Fly Fishing Film Tour- Great Success!


Last week, the gang from Tailwaters headed down to Austin for the first Texas stop of The Drake's Fly Fishing Film Tour. The event was held at the Alamo Draft House on South Lamar and was attended by crowd of over 400 fly fishing fiends. The sold out show packed two full theate [...]

Austin Fly Fishing Film Tour- Great Success!2016-06-28T12:31:41-05:00

Seychelles… March 26 – April 5, 2009


One of my favorite benefits of being in the fly fishing industry is having the opportunity to revisit epic fishing spots. In this case, my visit to Alphonse Island and the St. Francois Lagoon in Seychelles was my fourth. Unlike first-timers, the feeling of fresh exotic newness [...]

Seychelles… March 26 – April 5, 20092018-02-20T16:05:28-05:00

The Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour: Austin ’09


Just reminding everyone that the Fly Fishing Film Tour is visiting Austin on April 22 at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar.  The doors will open at 5pm and the film will start at 7pm.  Hope to see everyone out there! I have also designed a shirt for the event and they will be [...]

The Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour: Austin ’092016-06-28T12:30:04-05:00

Follow us on Twitter!


Tailwaters Tweets! Sign up to follow us on Twitter - our user name is Tailwaters.  We are going to start "tweeting" to keep everyone up to speed on in-store events, specials, fly fishing tips and trips. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, check out the website for an expl [...]

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Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co. sponsors Fly Fishing Film Tour in Austin, Tx


Tosh Brown has teamed up with Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co. along with some local Austinites and is bringing the Drake Magazine Fly Fishing Film Tour to Austin, Tx on April 22, 2009.  The show will begin at 5pm.  For more information visit Tailwaters News & Events or to purcha [...]

Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co. sponsors Fly Fishing Film Tour in Austin, Tx2018-02-20T16:05:29-05:00

Bass on top…


Co worker Corey and I visited a local pond earlier this week to check out some bass fishing.  This pond has a reputation for holding bass up to 8 lbs and the common catch is around 3lbs.  We strapped the trolling motor to the small boat, grabbed some cold beer, and started to c [...]

Bass on top…2016-06-28T12:28:11-05:00

Kamchatka Russia Event: March 11th 7pm


Ryan Peterson and David Leake will talk about upcoming trips to Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Russia.  There will be food, beer, and wine at the event.  We will be hosting this event at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company in Dallas.  Also part of the program is the viewing of the t [...]

Kamchatka Russia Event: March 11th 7pm2018-02-20T16:05:29-05:00

More Revelations on Rods…


From Science Teacher (and carp-guide extrordinaire) Joel Hays: hey Bart - cool stuff! Now, here’s some real chemical geekness . . . Boron has never “taken off” as a sole rod component because of its goofy metalloidal proprties. It’s in the same group as aluminum and shares simi [...]

More Revelations on Rods…2009-01-10T11:52:35-05:00

Sharky Waters


Back in late September, a buddy Jack Branston and I drove down to the Florida Keys in hopes to have a successful two weeks on the water.  For the most part, this was a "do it yourself" trip, which was successful in 2007.  Looking back at this trip I can say that we failed miser [...]

Sharky Waters2016-06-28T12:18:38-05:00