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Grand Bahama Island – Bahamas
Located on the east end of Grand Bahamas, Deep Water Cay is our newest Bahamian destination in the travel catalog. This summer’s R&D trip to Deep Water Cay was a real eye-opener. With stunning accommodations, boats, food, equipment, and service, the best way to describe DWC is “bonefish lodge meets country club”…but they actually pull it off. With over 50 years of history, this charming old, blue blood, fishing club has been reborn with new ownership and a massive investment in perhaps the most upscale infrastructure, accommodations, and service in the Bahamas. It is an easy to get to destination for the hard-core group of salty anglers as well as the prefect spot for the family / couples beach holiday.

The fishing is equally as impressive from Deep Water Cay. The east end of Grand Bahama boasts of perhaps the largest bonefish in the Bahamas, lots of wading, and opportunities for other species including tarpon and barracuda, and a small niche permit fishery that will make your jaw drop. DWC has an all-star roster of guides with generational experience and fleet of twenty brand new Hell’s Bay skiffs!

There is no easier legit lodge to get to in the Bahamas than Deep Water Cay. Numerous commercial airlines service Freeport daily from multiple portals on the east coast including Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Nearly all bonefishing destinations in the Bahamas require the hassle of connections in Nassau or cost prohibitive charter flights. Not so with Grand Bahama. Round trip fares from almost anywhere in the lower forty-eight are consistently affordable. From Freeport, guests are transferred approximately forty-five minutes to the east end of the island for a two-minute ferry to Deep Water Cay. There is also an airstrip and customs service available at Deep Water Cay for those flying on private aircraft.

Ladies and non-anglers would be super happy at Deep Water Cay with a lengthy list of organized eco-tours, private, white sand beaches, infinity pool, exclusive house rentals, and hands on service. Whether you are an avid angler and/or looking to take your better half or family on the next salty holiday, Deep Water Cay should be at the top of the list.

To learn more about Deep Water Cay, please visit out webpage and download our digital brochure.

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Meantime, enjoy some more photos including our recent R&D trip to Deep Water Cay this summer….  The first icon is actually a fun video of the permit release.



The fishing center at Deep Water Cay.

The fishing center at Deep Water Cay.

Bonefish average a good 4-5 pounds on G. Bahama

Bonefish average a good 4-5 pounds on G. Bahama


Sorry, had to put another one in there.


Standard duplex cottages. There are also multi-bedroom house options available at DWC.


One of Deep Water Cay’s all-star guides at the helm of Hell’s Bay Professional.

Deep-Water-Cay-Bonefish-2 Deep-Water-Cay-Cuda

Pool House at Deep Water Cay next to infinity pool.

Pool House at Deep Water Cay next to infinity pool.


Tiki Bar. Deep Water Cay

Deep-Water-Cay-Sign Deep-Water-Cay-Sunset




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