With thirty minutes left on the last day of his latest trip to the Club, Joe Seelig managed this beautiful permit… on his birthday nonetheless.  Read below for a nice recap of the memorable moment with his good friends, Charlie and Nino (the guides).

Permit Junkie #1 with birthday gift. Feeding the addiction.

Yesterday was my birthday, as well as my last day of fishing for this trip. As you can imagine, I wanted to do one thing – go fish permit!

The day was spent with Charlie and Julio, and it was a gorgeous day – moderate winds and mostly sunny. We didn’t really see too much in the morning – the first fish we saw that was actually a shot came while eating lunch! Julio spotted it and he and I jumped in the water and got a couple of good shots at it – the fish looked at the fly but didn’t eat…doing the permit thing. So we got back in the boat and resumed the hunt – despite seeing more fish than we had in the morning, none of the shots were optimal. The water was cloudy and the fish would appear at 15 feet and be by the boat in an instant. So, with the time getting short Charlie decided to look for some clearer water and we stopped at one last flat on the way home. It was well after 3, and the sun was starting to get lower, making sighting a little more difficult. We had not been on the flat 5 minutes when Charlie smiled this giant smile and said “I seeeeee a permittttt!!!!

Julio thought he was kidding; I was damn near already in the water!

Sure as the day was long, he had seen a tail – big tail. Then Julio and I did too! We got a bit closer then got in the water – there were about 10 fish with one big mother with a huge tail that flopped over when she fed… Julio and I got close enough to try a shot – no love – then fish started moving up current. We followed, they turned, my cast was decent, we waited, one strip, one fish saw the fly and came, we watched him tip up, “set it set it!!!” Julio shouted. And…

I did! Wonderful fish, ran off most of my backing, ultimately Charlie was able to tail him after a spirited fight, then quick pictures and celebrate!!! It was 26 inches …13 and change on the boga. Tag placed, 3 kisses, and the birthday wish swam away oblivious to how happy she had just made 3 grown men.

After high fives and a few moments savoring and reliving the gift, we decided to pole the rest of the flat – why not, it was my birthday?! – uno mass, uno mass! But a second miracle was not to be – the permit gods were generous but not completely mad – and we didnt see another fish. Pulled up at the end of the flat and enjoyed a gorgeous ride home, a setting sun ushering in the close of my birthday and my last day fishing the bay. Hopefully it won’t be too long till im back, chasing the black tailed ghosts at the Palometa Club!