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kamchatka russia mi8 helicopter
By David Leake

Kamchatka Russia Event: March 11th 7pm

Ryan Peterson and David Leake will talk about upcoming trips to Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Russia.  There will be food, beer, and wine at the event.  We will be hosting this event at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company in Dallas.  Also part of the program is the viewing of the trailer for Eastern Rises, a new high definition film by Felt Soul...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

SLP = Straight Line Path

That acronym is the mantra of anyone attempting to become a Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) with the Federation of Fly Fishers. It relates to the path of the tip of the rod during the casting stroke – no SLP, no tight loops. This past weekend, Tex Moore and I headed to the Hawk Ridge Fly Casting School for a weekend clinic to prep us...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

My Chile Travel Journal

Chile 2009! Day 0: I’m at the airport preparing myself for the 10 hour plane ride to Santiago…I intentionally stayed up late last night so I could hopefully sleep on the plane.I get to my seat and find out I’m in a bulkhead row and my seat doesn’t recline (Bummer)…..However, I quickly realize that the only 2 vacant seats on the entire plane...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

Las Colinas Brown Trout*

*and by “Brown Trout” I do not mean Salmo Trutta, sorry folks! What I did manage was to take a few minutes at an undisclosed location in Las Colinas on my day off  this past Thursday, and this was the prize I came away with: Notice the wonderful scenery in the background. Truly a marvelous place to fish! But hey, you work with what...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

Finally! Trout Fishing!! Part 1

After a long, trout-sparse January filled only with reports from Brent Boone about the amazing fishing I was missing in Chile, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to a quality weekend outside of the Metroplex, and finally, it happened! My partners in crime on this adventure to the Ozarks were Matt Jones (master of the DSLR) and my good...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

Heeeeeee’s Back!

Brent has returned to us from the wilds of South America, so we will have him make a full, overview-style report on his amazing trip to Chile! Guest appearances by the Spring Valley Angler boys should also add an interesting flavor to the overall story! Check back soon!...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

Carp Chasin’ in Fort Worth

Sunday I managed to sneak away from Dallas to fish in the quiet glory of South Fort Worth, to hunt for the Golden Bonefish. With me in this adventure were Matt Jones of Tailwaters and photography fame, and Carp guide extraordinaire Joel Hays. The conditions could not be more perfect – light breezes (if any), the sun high in the sky with...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

More Great Times in Chile!

Hola Amigos! Cuarta poste de Chile Our guests arrived safely in Balmaceda on Saturday..only one delayed bag, which made it by that evening. After a wonderful dinner and a good night sleep everyone was ready for a big day of fishing. My fishing partner this week will be my best friend: my Father, Don Boone. We’ve fished together on many...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

More Chile Photos

Due to some techincal difficulties, Brent has been unable to update the blog with some fresh posts – we will put them up as soon as they emerge from the ether that is Cyberspace. For now, we do have some fresh photos! Enjoy!  ...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

Chile Update #2 from Brent!

Hola Amigos! Sorry for the delayed posts, but you can’t believe where I’ve been the past few days. I have been in the wildest country on the planet, and experienced true Patagonia! I’ve been eating lamb with the locals, drinking yerba matte, and watched a 60-year old woman spin her own clothes from lambswool! The country is...

By David Leake

More Revelations on Rods…

From Science Teacher (and carp-guide extrordinaire) Joel Hays: hey Bart – cool stuff! Now, here’s some real chemical geekness . . . Boron has never “taken off” as a sole rod component because of its goofy metalloidal proprties. It’s in the same group as aluminum and shares similar proprties like incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio....

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

Lessons on “Graphite”

Or, more correctly – carbon fibre (I like the British spelling). This morning I gave a lesson to Dick Murtland, a golf-club guru with Adams Golf, who has done more with the manufacturing carbon fibre and shaft making than anyone I know (or have heard of). First and foremost, our clubs (rods) are NOT made of graphite – graphite is...

By Tailwaters Fly Fishing

Brent Update!

Brent has been incommunicado, but here is what we know: Yesterday he caught one of the largest trout of his life – a 30″ brown. Not sure whether streamer or dry caught, you never know with that place!!! He will have internet connectivity tonight, so hopefully we will have some new photos validating his statement. I know he does not...