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By Matt Jones

Patagonia Stormfront Pack: New & Improved

The All New Stormfront Pack Patagonia has rolled out another absolute winner with their newly redesigned Stormfront Packs. When I hear the word “Stormfront,” I think of worst case scenarios, like getting stuck riding out a storm on a flat that was just about to get good or taking an unexpected swim in an ice cold river. No matter...

By Matt Jones

2016 Kamchatka Video Report

The Zhupanova is perhaps the most beautiful and scenic river on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It's close proximity to Petropavlovsk (one hour by helicopter) and its huge Rainbows make it perhaps the most popular river on the peninsula. The average trout living in the Zhupanova is a solid twenty-five inches!...

By Matt Jones

A Slice of Southwest | Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Back in 2007, I decided to apply for a guiding position in Alaska. Little did I know, it would change my life on many different levels. For starters, this is where my photography career started. Thanks, Alaska! Secondly, I fell more and more in love with the state of Alaska each year that I guided. It’s just flat out incredible wilderness...