Check out this link to our report, video, and images from the first annual Permit Tourney and Howler Bros Pilgrimage at the Palometa Club last month.  Palometa Club is one of the premier permit fishing destinations in the Americas.  It was an awesome week with great friends, and we raised over $8000 for the Bonefish Tarpon Trust and the schoolchildren of Punta Allen.  Looking forward to the 2nd Annual Palometa Club Permit Tourney, April 4-11, 2014!  Make sure to Sign Up Now!


Ken Ferderer's 48 Pounder!

Ken Ferderer’s 48 Pounder!

BTT Cole-Super-Stoked Team-Howler

Tailwaters is a close partner of the Palometa Club for good reason.  The fishing is amazing and it never ceases to deliver some of the most awesome destination fishing experiences in the world.  We left tired, satisfied, and happy because the Permit Fishing in Mexico at Palometa Club is just so damn good.



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