Thank you for 17 years

letter from David leake (Owner & Travel director)

Dear Customers & Friends, 

How much has changed since we opened Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company on May 16, 2007. At the time I was a carefree newlywed, and my biggest responsibility was looking after an aging Labrador Retriever.  Fast forward to 2024 and there are now three kids, a dozen employees, a handful of mortgages, our fair share of hard lessons learned, and THOUSANDS of life changing relationships formed. 

While we are all getting older and brick and mortar retail gets harder and harder, the drive to offer a superior experience for our customers remains as strong as ever.  Our commitment to our clients, customers and friends (and to ourselves) is to keep getting better.  Continual development of our team, improvements to the shop, enhancing the online experience, adding new products, destinations, incentives, educational programs, and much more is always in progress.  Most of all, we are governed by the never ending quest to provide you with the best customer service imaginable. 

Our staff (and my wife, Melissa) often poke fun as I always have a “project” or an idea to develop.  While I’d like to think this entrepreneurial drive is what makes this thing work, the real credit needs to be given to our staff and my family for always believing and staying true to the mission and the vision. They are all rock-stars, soldiers, and truly the best of friends.  

2007 - 2024 is a pretty darn good run so far for a mom & pop fly shop and travel company in Dallas, Texas, but I am the first to declare we have so much more room to grow and improve.  So much more is in the pipeline, and we have a lot left in the tank.  I very much look forward to what lays ahead in our 18th year and beyond.  We are only  just getting started.  

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my family and our staff, THANK YOU for supporting us all these years. Keep it up - and I hope to see all our local customers and friends on Saturday.  Happy 17th Birthday to Texas’ Fly Shop.  


David Leake 🤘