Definitely a one of a kind Seychelles experience, Astove is a small atoll limited to only six intrepid anglers per week. The island is famous for its deep drop wall and its breathtakingly beautiful lagoon - and arguably the largest giant trevally in the Indian Ocean.


Definitely a one of a kind Seychelles experience, Astove is a small atoll limited to only six intrepid anglers per week. The island is famous for its deep drop wall and its breathtakingly beautiful lagoon - and arguably the largest giant trevally in the Indian Ocean.


Definitely a one of a kind Seychelles experience, Astove is a small atoll limited to only six intrepid anglers per week. The island is famous for its deep drop wall and its breathtakingly beautiful lagoon - and arguably the largest giant trevally in the Indian Ocean.

Destination Description

Astove Atoll, measuring only 3.7mi north to south and 2.5mi east to west, is located 18mi SSE of Cosmoledo Atoll and 647mi from Mahe. It is a raised coral island that almost entirely encloses a shallow lagoon, whose maximum depth is only 10ft. The only exit is a winding passage in the south, called Gueule Bras Channel. Due to the extreme tides and elevation of the lagoon, the channel rages like a roaring river for hours at a time draining the lagoon. Occasionally, monster GT’s can be seen sitting like trout behind lava/coral rocks. Astove is infamous for being one of the best places to target the largest flats-caught Giant Trevally in the world.

Quick Facts

Location: Seychelles, Indian Ocean, 560 miles SW of Mahe Island

Species: Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Permit, Bonefish, Milkfish, Triggerfish, and More

Seasonality: November - May

Rates: $17,370 Per Person (based on single room / shared skiff)

Contact Us

Reach out to our team in the travel department to learn more about our experiences at Astove Island Lodge.

Phone: (888) 824-5420 or (214) 219-2500


This fishery is different from all others in the Seychelles, as tides play an even larger part in planning your day. Your guide will inform you each morning what the fishing plan will be for the day relative to what species you want to target, the expected tide, and fishing conditions. Astove is a more physically demanding fishery and is a blast for anglers that want to spend some real time walking the perimeter of the atoll wading and spotting fish.

The “Wall,” which runs the entire length of the Western side of the atoll, drops off to over a 1000m within a few hundred meters from shore. While GT’s are the headliners, they are not the only species which can be found here in fantastic numbers. Bonefish, milkfish, the finicky indo-pacific permit, and a host of triggerfish species all call Astove home.

The team is split up into groups of two anglers per skiff and guide. Some anglers may access certain flats with an ATV or by boat depending upon the tide and the plan for the day. During certain tides, bonefish can be found stacked in the lagoon, where ten, twenty, and thirty fish sessions are not uncommon. The diversity of other non-typical gamefish species is staggering as well. Some clients have reported landing over fifty species a week including yellowfin tuna, surgeonfish, lemon shark, grouper, dogtooth tuna, and every kind of reef fish imaginable.


Uninhabited since 1969, Astove makes for a wild experience. To ensure that the atoll stays pristine, Astove Island Lodge caters to only six guests per week. In 1968, Astove was occupied by the Veevers-Carter family who established a coconut plantation. They constructed a number of buildings including a large main house, chapel, store, and accommodation for the workers. The small settlement they created forms the basis of the accommodation used today.

Surrounding a central courtyard with a newly installed beautiful swimming pool, the Lodge has six charming and comfortable rooms. With en-suite bathrooms, the recently refurbished rooms offer relaxed accommodation in one of the most remote locations in the world. Guests will enjoy the attentive service as well as superb dining. The menu frequently comprises of a full English breakfast, a buffet lunch or packed picnic lunch to enjoy on location, and a buffet dinner served in the indoor or outdoor dining area. With picture-perfect beaches, edged by palm trees and with not another soul in sight, Astove Atoll is wonderfully unique.



THE BEST WAY to travel from the United States to the Seychelles is via Dubai, UAE on Emirates Airlines, but can be accomplished via London, Paris, or Frankfurt with Air Seychelles.

After spending an evening in Dubai (guests are encouraged to arrive in Mahe a full day before the charter flight to outer islands), enjoy a fun dinner in town or relaxing at the huge mall-like Dubai airport lounge. Anglers then depart the following morning on Emirates Airlines on a four-hour direct flight to Mahe, Seychelles. Once in Mahe, guests will check in for overnight at a nearby hotel. The following morning, anglers transfer by taxi to the IDC hanger for a short layover before catching the 3-hour charter flight to Astove Atoll on board a beautiful twin engine Beechcraft turboprop with a refuel stop on Alphonse Island en route.


The island is closed mid-April through October to rest the fishery and avoid the monsoon season. Fishing is optimal during all months the operation is open. There is really no “best time” to go; however, understanding tides is critical when picking your week relative to what species you want to target and the style of fishing you prefer. We will walk you through tidal analysis and pick the best week for you and your group.

Astove Atoll is closed for the windy and rainy season during the summer months. The windy and rainy season is well defined, starting abruptly in May and concluding abruptly in September. Because Seychelles Outer Islands are only seven degree south of the equator, the quality of the weather and fishing remains consistent throughout the season. There really is no “perfect time” to visit Astove while the season is open; however, we always discuss tide charts for prospective weeks our clients are considering.


While fishing was once the only organized activity on Astove, the island now offers numerous guided adventures for non-angling guests. Diving or snorkeling is spectacular on Astove - with the famous “Wall” sites recognized as some of the most stunning in the world. There is also an off-shore fishing program, their “Blue Safari” program, to go looking for resident spinner dolphin, leaping tuna, flying fish, mating turtle, or even humpback whales when in season. The lodge also has complimentary stand up paddleboards and kayaks for guest use.

2024 Rates

Single Occupancy / Shared Guide
7 Nights Lodging | 6 Days Fishing
$17,370 / Person
  • Single Fishing Supplement: $3,900 Per Person (Subject to Availability)

Terms & Conditions

Tailwaters Travel must adhere to the cancellation policies of the guides, outfitters and lodges which it represents. Astove Lodge policy follows: A 50% deposit is required within fourteen days to confirm reservations. Full pre-payment is due 90 days prior to departure for Seychelles. A 10% fee shall be levied if cancellation is made more than 180 days prior to arrival. A 10% fee shall be levied if the reservation is moved to an alternative date within the same season. A fee of 50% shall be levied if cancellation is between 180 and 90 days prior to arrival. A fee of 100% shall be levied if cancellation is 90 days or less prior to arrival. No refund will be made for unused land arrangements included in cost. Any trip booked within ninety days will require full and non-refundable payment to confirm arrangements. Refunds of deposits/payments made on credit cards will be charged a 3.5% service charge to fully compensate Tailwaters Travel for all bank charges incurred. Receipt of deposit and/or final payment is acknowledgment that registrant has read and accepts the cancellation, refund and responsibility clauses.

All activities require the client to sign an indemnification upon arrival. All clients require travel insurance to cover costs incurred due to flight delays for any reason. All clients require “From Scene of Accident Medivac Insurance.”

What's Included

  • Seven Nights accommodations
  • Six Days of Guided Fishing; Rod & Reel Rentals
  • All meals, water, soft drink, coffee and tea
  • Round-trip Air Charter to/from Mahe/Astove
  • VAT

What's Not Included

  • International Airfare to Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles
  • All Alcoholic Beverages
  • Guide and Staff Gratuity
  • Flies & Tackle
  • Telephone Charges
  • Flies and other Fishing Equipment
  • Travel Insurance
  • Conservation Donation: USD $210
  • Baggage Overweight Charges
  • Spa treatments
  • Laundry Service & Items of Personal Nature
  • Mahe – Meals, Transportation & Accommodations (when applicable)
  • Departure Tax from Mahe (usually covered in your airline ticket price)
  • Dubai, London or other – Hotel Room and general travel expenses in (when applicable)
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