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Take your fly fishing passion to the next level with our fly tying classes and private lessons.  Whether you are a beginner with little to no tying experience, or an advanced tyer looking to discover ways of improving current fly pattern design, Tailwaters is here to support you on your tying journey.  All ages welcome - including kids! Give us a call to schedule your fly tying class or private lesson. 


Bad weather and can’t go fishing?  Fly tying is a perfect complement to your fly angling game, and keeps you plugged in when you’re stuck indoors.  Try out fly tying with our Fly Tying 101 group classes.  

This instructional course is designed to spark your interest in tying flies and give you the foundations for growing in your own fly tying practice.  Materials, loaner tools, and loaner vises will be provided for all students during the course.

Check out our course schedule and reach out to register!  You’ll leave with the skills and knowledge to start tying on your own, and meet new friends with similar interests.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Schedule: Check out our class schedule and find a date that works for you.  Our classes run on Saturdays from 8AM-10AM at the shop, with a maximum of eight (8) students per class.  Give us a call to secure your spot. 
  • Arrival: We recommend arriving at the shop a few minutes before your scheduled class.  We aim to start promptly at 8AM to maximize our education and instruction time.
  • Class: We start with the basics!  We will walk you through the vise and standard tools for tying flys, common materials, and other considerations when developing fly patterns.  Then we start tying!  Our 101 class focuses on the tried-and-true Wooly Bugger, an effective fly for many species.  Your instructor will walk through each step as he or she ties an example fly, then supervise and offer tips to the class as they tie their own rendition.  
  • Wrap-Up: The journey doesn’t end there.  Stick around for a few minutes and we can walk you through the shop.  Got a specific fly in mind that you would like to try tying?  Your instructor can recommend products to set you up for tying at home.  And to properly welcome you to the Tailwaters family, each student receives a special gift at the conclusion of their class.

We love sharing our passion and can’t wait to walk alongside you on your fly tying journey.  From education, to equipment, to exploration, we offer a 360 degree program to service anglers of all ages and levels.  Let’s go!

2023 Calendar

All classes run from 8AM-10AM, with time for questions and walking around the store afterwards.  Maximum of eight (8) students per class.

Stay Tuned for Class Schedule


Fly Tying 101 includes:

  • 1.5 hours of group fly tying instruction
  • Loaner tying kit and materials for day-of tying

(214) 219-2500


Looking for another day or time?  We’re flexible!  Give us a call to schedule a Fly Tying 101 group class with a minimum of four (4) students tailored to your needs.


Want to learn one-on-one with a specific instructor at Tailwaters? Private tying instruction is a great way to specifically learn a technique or walk through creating a complex pattern. Private lessons can be held at a time of your convenience, and materials along with equipment can be provided if requested in advance.

$100.00/Hour + Cost of Materials

Schedule Now:
(214) 219-2500