Tsimane Lodges//Bolivia


Exotic fly fishing destinations like Tsimane don’t come around very often. Rarely is it possible to meld all the essential ingredients to create a true “once in a lifetime” kind of a fishing trip. Pristine wilderness, complete remoteness, luxurious lodging, a top-notch outfitter, stunning scenery with abundant wildlife, and absolutely jaw-dropping fishing opportunities for the ultimate bad-ass predatory species. Specifically, Tsimane blends the greatest aspects of fly fishing: sight casting, freestone wading, light-tackle, floating lines, mountain rivers with clear, virgin waters, and four species of exotic gamefish headlined by the aggressive, acrobatic, beautiful, and hard pulling golden dorado. Tsimane has it all.

The Tsimane lodges are located in a National Park and an Indigenous Indian Territory situated in the Sub-Andean strip of the tropical Andes Mountains between Peru and Bolivia. Lodges and camps are only accessible by charter flights to a remote airstrip in the heart of the jungle. In other words, right smack in the middle of nowhere!

Tsimane now operates three different lodge options for anglers to choose from — the Pluma lodge, the Agua Negra lodge, and the Secure lodge. Each program runs 7 night / 6 day fishing itineraries that benefit from a well managed beat rotation system. This guarantees the least pressured water and opportunities for the most unique and impressive golden dorado fishing on the planet – not to mention a wilderness experience unlike anything else available today.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia (VVI)

There are many options to arrive to Santa Cruz as its International Airport receives daily flights from Miami (American Airlines), San Pablo (Tam, Gol and Boliviana), Buenos Aires (Aerolineas Argentinas and Boliviana), Panama (Copa) and Lima (Taca). American anglers typically travel to Santa Cruz with American Airlines originating in Miami. Following an overnight in Santa Cruz, guests head out to the lodge or camp of their choice on board a 1.5-hour air charter to the Tsimane area.

Golden Dorado and Pacu are the primary targeting species from Tsimane.

A variety of exotic catfish can also be caught on the fly, most notably the Surubi, and also a relative to the dorado called the yatorana. Fishing style varies with each lodge/program, yet in general anglers should plan on lots of physical hiking, wading and sight fishing in gin clear mountain streams with floating lines and surface flies.

Tsimane Lodges and Camps are open from April through October.

June-August: Cooler temperatures dictating light jackets and proper waders are the norm. Generally higher water levels occur during the mid-season, which can slightly reduce the amount of sight fishing opportunities – but also makes for somewhat less technical and easier fishing.

April/May & September/October: Warm/hot and humid climate is expected in the early and late season. Lower water levels are also traditionally associated with these months. Lower water in certain beats creates more technical (but more rewarding) sight fishing opportunities for spookier fish.

Tsimane is the ultimate adventure for anglers that enjoy visual fishing, gin-clear freestone rivers, and a pristine jungle environment. This is one of the more physical trips out there with long days on your feet traversing slippery, large rocks in and out of the riverbed. All anglers should be prepared for a physically demanding and technical fishing experience.

7 Night / 6 Day Fishing at Pluma lodge is $7,600/person
7 Night / 6 Day Fishing at Secure and Aqua Negra lodges is $5,380/person

Additional expenses include but are not limited to commercial airfare to Santa Cruz, Bolivia; $670 Native Community Tax (paid upon arrival); Alcoholic Beverages & Meals in Santa Cruz at Hotel; Guide and staff gratuities; Fishing Tackle & Flies; and Bolivian Entry Visa Fees.

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