Travel Incentive Program

Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.

Book a Trip with Tailwaters Travel. 

Join our community of traveling anglers and enjoy deals on gear and first-class service.

A landlocked fly shop in Dallas only truly succeeds by capturing the loyalty and support of the traveling angler. When clients book a trip with our travel department, we want to make it convenient and affordable to also earn their business in the shop when getting geared up.  High end, concierge-style service, detailed and user-friendly pre-trip planners, and other online resources are the ways in which we cater to our travel clients to make their experience a “trip of a lifetime.”  

And while any fly shop can give you a “bro-deal” on gear, we ensure the totality of your trip preparation, including your shopping experience, is as special and memorable as the trip itself. 

How does the Travel Incentive Program work? 

  1. Upon depositing your trip, you will be contacted by a member of our team to schedule an in-store or virtual Private Outfitting Appointment with a dedicated staff member.  During the meeting, you will review the pre-trip planner and outfitting guide, as well as our Destination Specific Shopping assortment, for your destination.   
  2. After the initial consultation, we will fill a shopping cart online or in-store with our recommended purchases and share it with you, inclusive of the financial and value-add incentives that only you get for booking a trip with us!  
  3. Upon completion of the transaction, all purchases will be shipped free of charge or hand delivered locally, and a member of our team will always be available for private meetings to assist with further consultation, rigging, and other trip preparation. 

Other Benefits 

  • Before or After Hours Shop Services (by appointment)
  • Hosting Group Trip Happy Hours and Q&A at the Shop Bar
  • First Look at New Products and Sale Items  
  • Discounts on Casting Instruction  
  • Gratis Branded Hats & Apparel
  • Private Wader/Boot Fitting
  • High-End, VIP Shopping Experience