Private Outfitting Appointments

Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.

What Is a private outfitting appointment?

Ever make the trip to a fly shop or other specialty retailer, the store is busy, and you don’t receive the service you expected? This can be particularly frustrating when you are on a mission to cast rods, fit waders and boots, or any other time-consuming visit that requires real hands-on professional assistance. Please consider making an appointment with a member of our sales team to ensure this disappointing experience does not happen to you.

Our outfitting appointments are a great way to schedule a private meeting with our staff from the shop and/or the travel department to ensure you are given personalized service and get exactly what you need for your next trip or day on the water. This concierge service allows us to properly staff the shop for your visit, ensure you are with the most qualified salesperson, pull recommended products in your size, and generally make the most out of your shopping experience.

Please consider making an appointment if you are shopping as follows:

  • Getting outfitted for destination travel
  • Need to get sized for waders and boots
  • Want to demo or cast rods
  • Plan to have reels rigged with backing or new lines
  • Need assistance with a sizable fly selection

Outfitting appointments can be scheduled anytime there is availability, from 9:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Saturday. We can sometimes handle earlier-in-the-morning or Sunday appointments as well. The goal is to be flexible and offer the best customer service possible to maximize your time and investment with us.

Simply call the shop at (214) 219-2500 and ask any sales associate to schedule an appointment. After a few simple questions to quantify your shopping mission, we can get something on the books when it works best for you. You can also email us at to get the scheduling process started.

When clients book a trip with our travel department, we want to make it convenient and affordable to also earn their business in the shop when getting geared up.  High end, concierge-style service, detailed and user-friendly pre-trip planners, and other online resources are the ways in which we cater to our travel clients to make their experience a “trip of a lifetime.”

Upon depositing your trip, you will be contacted by a member of our team to schedule an in-store or virtual Private Outfitting Appointment with a dedicated staff member.  During the meeting, you will review the pre-trip planner and outfitting guide, as well as our Destination Specific Shopping assortment, for your destination.  

Also, make sure to check out our Travel Incentive Program to learn more about the benefits and deals available at the shop for booking a trip with our travel department.  

We very much look forward to scheduling some dedicated and uninterrupted time with you in the shop soon. Come see us!