Local Fishing Gear Recommendations

Fly Rods for Local Fishing

When fishing local waters, fast action fly rods allow anglers to make longer casts, cast bigger flies, and pull fish out of heavy cover. Generally, we recommend fishing a 6wt, 7wt, or 8wt set-up depending on the water and species, but also to allow you to throw bigger fly patterns.

Fly Reels for Local Fishing

Fly Lines & Backing for Local Fishing

Just like fishing in Saltwater, a warm water fly line is necessary for the warmer waters of our Texas lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks. While most fishing can be done with a standard weight forward floating line, there are sometimes scenarios and conditions that dictate using an intermediate sinking or full sinking line. An aggressively tapered, weight forward fly line will help turn over bigger flies.

Leaders & Tippet for Local Fishing

Anglers want an assortment of leaders and tippet ranging from 12-20lb test for our local waters.

Wading Boots & Footwear for Local Fishing

Tools & Gadgets for Local fishing