Bristol Bay Lodge//Alaska


Founded in 1972, Bristol Bay Lodge sits on a wooded rise overlooking Lake Aleknagik and the surrounding mountains of Wood-TikChik Park. The lodge presides over a quiet scenic bay some 40 air miles northwest of the small and remote town of Dillingham. Bristol Bay Lodge is perhaps the most upscale fly-out lodge in the famous Dillingham area, and is an excellent candidate for ladies, families, and hard-core anglers alike.

The lodge has fine tuned a fishing program that maximizes the opportunities in terms of variety of rivers fished, species caught and even methods of fishing during any given week. If you want the full Alaska experience, seeing lots of different rivers and catching many species in one day, BBL is right up your alley.

Bristol Bay Lodge offers a totally unique opportunity for guests to enjoy two intimate, comfortable outpost camps on very rare private water. Just four guests (six from time to time if an intact group) enjoy the creature comforts of a private camp on private water with incredible fishing. The lodge maintains exclusive leases on the two most exceptional river fisheries in the Bristol Bay region. Northwest of the lodge is Birch Creek Camp. Directly west of the lodge is Rainbo Camp, located on the tidewater/confluence of two exceptional rivers. This overnight experience is often what is remembered as one of the highlights of a trip to BBL.

Dillingham, Alaska

BBL operates a traditional Saturday – Saturday and Monday – Monday schedule.
If your reservation at the lodge is a Saturday-to-Saturday stay, you need to be in Anchorage on Friday in order to make the morning flight to Dillingham on Saturday morning with Pen Air. If your reservation for the lodge is Monday to Monday, you must be in Anchorage by Sunday in order to make the morning flight to Dillingham on Monday morning. (See SAMPLE ITINERARY for more Details)

Rainbow Trout, all five species of Pacific Salmon, Artic Char, Dolly Varden, Grayling.

Daily fly-outs and two overnights at remote camps. A mix of walk-and-wade fishing, jet-boats, and float trips.

Bristol Bay Lodge is open from the middle of June till the first week in October.

Choosing a date to fish anywhere in Western Alaska is completely contingent upon which species of fish you would like to target. Fishing is excellent any time in the season, but the conditions and species available vary from month to month and may impact when you decide to visit. All months are excellent for viewing wildlife. (See WHEN TO GO for more details).

Bristol Bay is a great option for hard-core anglers as well as mixed groups looking for the “everything Alaska” kind of trip. The lodge’s upscale accommodations make it a favorite with ladies and couples. While trips here center around fishing as the dominant activity, there is no better way to experience all of western Alaska’s scenery, landscapes and wildlife than on a fly-out fishing trip. It is a great option to consider for anglers of all skill levels, ladies, young children, conventional tackle anglers as well as fly fishers. It is also a great option to consider for folks wanting a mix of the fly-out experience combined with the remote wilderness experience in their two luxurious overnight camps.
7 Nights / 6 Days is $8150 per person.
Rates are inclusive of all guided fishing and daily fly-outs, accommodations, meals, alcoholic beverages (BYOB encouraged), use of fishing equipment and waders/boots. Additional expenses include but are not limited to airfare to Anchorage, hotel accommodations in Anchorage, airfare to/from Dillingham with Pen Air, gratuities and fishing license. (See RATES for details).

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