From the first light to the last cast, no one offers a more comprehensive portfolio of fly rod and reel combos than Redington. Ready out of the box, Redington offers three top-tier fly rod and reel combos perfectly suited for the Texas angler. So, whether an angler is looking to diversify their rod arsenal, looking to dive into the sport without breaking the bank, or even a destination angler looking for a specific setup for a specific species, Tailwaters Fly Fishing, is pleased to offer three outfits to choose from. Below is a brief rundown of our favorite Redington Field Kits, including the Redington Field Kit Bass 790, Tropical Saltwater 890, and the Field Kit Trout 590. These are the perfect tools for any adventure in or around the Lone Star State. Additionally, each one comes with their own lifetime warranty, so, in the event that a rod does not make it back home in one piece, Redington has you covered.


For those who think catching a trophy-sized bass is only reserved for those with a traditional rod and reel combo, look no further than Redington’s Bass Field Kit.

With its lightweight, easy-casting fly rod and durable anodized aluminum reel seat, a beginner angler can learn quickly how to cast heavy bass flies while maintaining the confidence to pull a bass out of heavy structure. Equipped with one of Redington’s most popular carbon drag reels — the RUN — the Redington Bass Field Kit offers a premium carbon drag system for smooth stopping power and a large arbor design that aids for quick line retrieval should the moment arise.

While the Bass Field Kit can handle the ferocious takes of ​​hybrid stripers and the Brazos River’s infamous largemouth, this durable 7WT fly rod is also up to the task of chasing just about every other warmwater species, even those carp swimming around Ray Roberts. So, regardless of the angler’s warmwater destination, The Redington Bass Field Kit has enough backbone to get the job done efficiently. The Redington Bass Field Kit is an expertly designed medium-fast action fly rod that allows anglers to cast large bass-style flies and enough strength in the butt-section to tussle the next state record out of the weed beds.

We do a lot of bass fishing here in Texas throwing big wind resistant flies, The Redington Bass Outfit (7wt) is the perfect kit for the angler that needs a little more backbone in a rod to take their freshwater fishing to the next level whether it’s poppers for bass or streamers for aggressive brown trout.” – Brian Buford, Marketing, Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co

Another reason Redington’s Bass Field Kit is excellent for those new to the sport is that the Bass Field Kit comes equipped with RIO Products WARMWATER QUICKSHOOTER fly line — a shop favorite for warmwater species in and around the Dallas Metro Area. With an excellent 7WT fly rod, a dependable diecast aluminum fly reel, and a sensitive fly line for those subtle takes, the Redington Bass Field Kit offers everything the new bass angler needs. Just make sure the flies do not get left at home!


Many anglers only dream about chasing bonefish, redfish, permit, snook, or even juvenile tarpon, with a fly rod. And, for those looking to make those saltwater dreams a reality, look no further than the Redington Tropical Saltwater Field Kit. This ready-to-fish outfit is built to handle the rigorous standards needed when out on the salt flats. From the Texas Coast, Ascension Bay, Mexico, and everywhere in inbetween, the Saltwater Field Kit is the perfect entryway for the new saltwater angler or the seasoned veteran looking for a low-price alternative. The Tropical Saltwater Field Kit is an excellent example of a medium-fast action fly rod that boasts a durable and robust large arbor Behemoth fly reel, ready to fish right out of the packaging.

There is a lot to love about the Tropical Saltwater Field Kit, especially for the DIY angler looking for an all-in-one package. The Tropical Field Kit has a powerful butt section that will allow anglers to control hard-fighting fish and a durable anodized aluminum reel seat for long-lasting performance, especially when exposed to corrosive saltwater elements. Additionally, the Tropical Field Kit comes in a durable Cordura travel case package that allows anglers to pick it up, throw it in a carry-on bag, and go.

The Redington Tropical Saltwater Outfit (8wt) is perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into saltwater fly fishing. The rod is fast enough to make long, accurate casts, and the Behemoth reel is perfect for putting the breaks on any flats fish”  Lawson Fish, Marketing, Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co

When a new saltwater angler ask’s anyone at the shop, “What is the most important aspect of saltwater angling?” The answer is almost always, “preparation.” And, when it is time to deliver the fly to the quarry, anglers need a fly line that is up to the task. They need a fly line like the Bonefish Quickshooter Fly Line, one of RIO’s most popular fly lines for bonefish. Highly dependable, the fly line is designed with a short head for faster rod loading and better turnover. In short, the Bonefish Quickshooter Fly Line is an exceptional fly line for new casters or seasoned veterans. However, a fly line is only as dependable as the reel it’s spooled on. For this reason, the Redington Tropical Saltwater Field Kit comes equipped with Redington’s Behemoth fly reel, which boasts a durable diecast aluminum construction. Additionally, the Behemoth offers a powerful carbon fiber drag system ready to put the breaks on just about any saltwater fish.


Ready for any adventure, the Redington Trout Field Kit is one of the best all-in-one packages for the budding trout angler. Built with a medium-fast construction, the Trout Field Kit is a new caster’s dream and a pleasure to cast for the angler with more experience. Paired with a RUN reel and RIO Products’ RIO GOLD trout-specific fly line, the Trout Field Kit is ready to accompany any angler searching for trout or panfish in the Lone Star State.

Coming in at 9′ in length, this fly rod is perfect for just about any trout scenario in which an angler – new or experienced – may find themselves. Whether that is a three-day backpacking trip in Colorado, a quick strike mission for bass, or panfish with the kids after work, The Redington Trout Field Kit should be in the back of any trout angler’s truck. Equipped with Redington’s RUN fly reel, which offers anglers a lightweight design constructed from durable diecast aluminum, the Trout Field Kit can withstand years of abuse on and off the water.

“The Redington Trout Outfit (5wt) is a workhorse, it’s an incredible set up for the price and one of my top selections when fishing from a drift boat. For the beginning angler, it’s a combo that will stay in the arsenal for years to come and respectfully warrants a solid number 2 back up rod option when traveling.“ – Neil Turner, General Manager, Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co

On top of the incredible value offered in the Trout Field Kit, the RUN comes pre-spooled with RIO’s famous GOLD fly line, which is the ultimate, all-around floating line for anglers in the Lone Star State. This fly line features RIO’s SlickCast coating, making it one of the slickest, most durable line coatings on the market; plus, casting the Trout Field Kit is an absolute dream for any angler.