Umpqua Sighter-Tippet - 15M

Umpqua Sighter-Tippet - 15M

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Umpqua’s new indicator tippet was designed specifically for modern European-Nymphing techniques in order to give anglers a variety of choices to suit their preferences and the demands of the water without overcomplicating the process.

This new material is available in two- and three-toned configurations. The two-toned sighter contains alternating 8-inch fluorescent color bands, while the three-toned version separates those same fluorescent bands with a short 2-inch black section to help find your sighter quickly against strong glare and lighter backgrounds.

The shorter color bands give anglers more transition points to fine-tune their sighter lengths and knot placement, and the transitions are made as sharp as possible to avoid color overlap that makes it more difficult for the eye to pick up in changing environments.

Available in Heavy-Duty, Medium, and Micro sizes that each cover a variety of conditions and also pair perfectly with Umpqua’s new Hi-Viz Euro-Nymphing Leader Butt material.

Use this brand-new sighter tippet material to help take your European-Nymphing game to the next level.

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