Umpqua Egan's Euro Leader

Umpqua Egan's Euro Leader

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Whether you are a complete novice, a championship-level competitor, or you just want a do-it-all leader for any Euro-Nymphing scenario, there is a hand-tied setup in this new lineup for you.

Utilizing a color-coded, highly visible butt section material and a brand-new proprietary sighter tippet material developed in conjunction with Lance Egan himself, these leaders take the same formulas he uses when competing, fishing, or guiding, and places that technology directly in your hands.

The Heavy leader contains a thicker hot orange butt section and was designed to give beginners an entry-point to European nymphing techniques that is easier to cast and learn with, but still possesses all the elements needed to effectively help you maximize your catch rate. It also doubles as a great option to cut through heavy wind and float on the water’s surface when conditions are less than ideal.

The Medium leader takes a mid-weight hot pink butt section and places it in an all-around leader perfect for intermediate Euro-Nymphing anglers or for anyone looking for a leader that can do it all. It perfectly walks the line between ease of use in any conditions and delicate, technical presentations with light flies.

The Micro leader was built for the expert-level Euro-Nymph angler and is approved by competitors at the highest level. The ultra-thin fluorescent green butt section will help you eliminate any and all sag within your leader to keep your rod connected to even the lightest flies and ensure you can detect any and all strikes, no matter what the water you are fishing demands.

If you are competing amongst the world’s best anglers, or you’re just looking to dive into this world for the first time, Umpqua has a Euro-Nymphing leader that will help ensure you are up to the task.

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